Monday, December 19, 2005

No more Internet Explorer on Apple Macs - who cares?

It is being reported today here that Microsoft will cease development of Internet Explorer for Apple Macintosh computers.

Thank you.

Now, when people tell me that they're using a Macintosh, I don't have to ask, "what browser are you using?" - I know that there's a 99% chance that they'll either be using the Apple-supplied Safari, or Mozilla's Firefox.

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Stop using Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)

People don't seem to get it. When I say that I refuse to use Internet Explorer to browse the web, many people look at me quizzically, with a funny "huh?" on their face. Why not? Because there are too many bugs in Internet Explorer (IE) - it's just not safe to use.

Here's another report of a serious bug in IE... that allows a user access another program (and thereby gain access, potentially, to information that the owner would have assumed was secure).

This problem is compounded by the number of security bugs that exist in Microsoft's operating systems... and by the enormous market-share these products enjoy.

This isn't my any means the first of these bugs. And don't get me started about how big a security hole is introduced by IE's ability to download and run Active/X plugins.

So, what do I use? Mozilla Firefox. Yes, there are other choices. For me, Firefox combines a large enough audience with some very good features. And, it's evolving in open-source-time - that is, new versions come out every quarter or so. And I have the comfort of knowing that if I really wanted to fix something or make a change, I could download the sources and do so.

Stop accepting the mediocrity of the browser that ships with your Windows-based PC. Download Firefox. Convert to Firefox. And browse with confidence.

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